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Our sole purpose is to help students advance their level of mediumship to the highest possible level — and to prove that life is continuous.  Let us empower everyone who comes seeking to explore soul, spirit and spirituality and the  healing arts.

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Founded by Reverend Janet Nohavec, The Journey Within School for Mediumship provides students of spiritual and psychic studies with a foundation of constructive and disciplined development. 

We cultivate our students with specialized methods of training in all aspects of spiritual, psychic, and mediumistic development. Our methods have been proven to be exceptionally effective and popular with students who wish to develop a high standard and reach far beyond the norm. 

The Journey Within School of Mediumship is associated with the first Spiritualists’ National Union Church in the USA, known as ‘The Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church.” 

The school’s unique methods of development and training offered at the school challenge students’ present potential by stretching their present standards. Clearly, the aim of any student is to reach a higher standard of mediumship by increasing the level of accurate communication with the spiritual world, working from a sound philosophical and practical basis.

Our guest tutors are the best the world has to offer, the Journey Within is blessed to align with the highest caliber of tutors available, on a multitude of topics and practices.

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Take a look at how things have pregressed with the renovtion of the Hydesville Schoolhouse.